Trinidad James “10PC MILD” In-Store Event Recap

Finishing up his string of in-stores to support the latest mixtape, “10PC MILD,” Trinidad James stopped through the shop yesterday for the final stop of his meet and greet appearances. Bringing along a slew of Gold Gang affiliates and donning the latest Fall/Winter 2013 Supreme, Trinidad James held down the crowd for over three hours while taking pictures, shaking hands and signing autographs for those in attendance. In addition to handing out copies of the latest mixtape, James also invited his tour DJ, Genesis to get on the tables to chop and splice up a plethora of Atlanta tracks including many of James’ mixtape exclusives.

Download Trinidad James’ full mixtape here and scroll through the image set below.

Photography: Mae Elizabeth Gurene

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Tiki Disco NYC Party in Atlanta

As the summer is coming to an end here in Atlanta, NYC is sending something special our way to end things with a bang! Tiki Disco , the legendary NYC party will be here in Atlanta for one day of Funk, Disco, and dancing. Sponsored by 10 Deep and fellow Atlanta boutique Epitome Atl, things are getting started on Saturday, September 7 at 2 p.m. at Noni’s on Edgewood. Come out and have some fun!

Check out more information on Tiki Disco: In Real Life here

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Stalley “Honest Cowboy” In-Store Signing Recap

MMG recording artist Stalley introduced his album Honest Cowboy to the masses yesterdsay with an in-store signing here at Wish. Fans and patrons of the store got the chance to meet the Ohio MC as well as get a sneak preview of his new release. Stalley, a regular shopper here at Wish also took the time to do a bit of shopping between signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Take a look below at some images from the event last night, and check out Honest Cowboy available now!

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JR comes to Atlanta for Living Walls

JR, a semi-anonymous French street artist, uses his camera to show the world its true face by pasting photos of the human face across massive canvases all around the world; presenting viewers with the question, “Can art change the world?” Touring city after city, country after country, pasting his larger than life pieces across buildings and walls, JR has brought his talents to Atlanta by way of the Living Walls organization. For this project, JR appropriately chose to tackle Civil Rights, an issue that was so monumental to the formation of the look and feel of Atlanta. Reflecting on the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, the city that Dr. King and countless other Civil Rights leaders built is paid homage to through a series of three large prints, featuring actual images taken during the March on Washington in 1963.

Understandably, not everyone will be able to view this series in person, so we’ve taken images of all of the pieces and included them below along with locations for those who want to check it out for themselves:

Located on the intersection of Hillard St. and Auburn Ave.

Located on the intersection of Hillard St. and Edgewood Ave.

Located at 150 Edgewood Ave.

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New Balance 574 New Arrivals – Burgundy & Grey

After hitting us with its “Propaganda Pack” earlier this week, New Balance is back with some new arrivals in the 574 sillhouette. A calmer alternative to this week’s previous releases, New Balance reworks its popular 574 model in a calm Burgundy and Grey makeup. Complete with suede and mesh construction, these pairs offer a perfect complement to each other in terms of colorway. A nice addition for any New Balance fan, these shoes are now available at Wish retailing at $75 USD each.

Purchase the new 574 arrivals here as well as in-store from our Moreland Ave. location.

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Track of the Day: Hiatus Kaiyote ft. Q-Tip – Nakamarra

Our pick of the day comes by way of Melbourne based future sould band, Hiatus Kaiyote. This is our first pick from the group, but it is a truely excellent piece of music. The Aussies release a remix of their song “Nakamarra” with the addition of Hip-Hop legend Q-Tip, who fits right in with the track’s soulful vibe. Anyone not familiar with Hiatus Kaiyote should give the track below a listen or check out their bandcamp, and be on the lookout for the re-release of their debut project Tawk Tomahawk through Sony’s Flying Buddha slated for July 16.

Wish Recap: “Nothing Is Sacred” Closing Show

Patrons of the Nelson Street Gallery this past weekend were greeted by a far east experience as the gallery was transformed for the “Nothing is Sacred” closing exhibition. The exhibition premiered the short film, Nothing is Sacred by Andrew Litten and Brandon Sadler. The film follows Sadler as he takes us into his world and through the art of calligraphy introduces viewers to The Tiger, The Praying Mantis, and The Snake, all personified corners of his mind. These three elements combine to reveal and guide the artist along the path of enlightenment.

We got a chance to view the film, check out several of Sadler’s pieces, and sit down with the filmmakers to get more information about “Nothing Is Sacred.” So take a look at the interview below, and check out some images from the show as well as the  “Nothing Is Sacred” trailer.

Brandon, can you tell us a bit more about your three calligraphy styles?

My writing styles are representations of each mental state I adapt according to the varied circumstances that arise in my life.  These styles come in the form of the Tiger, Preying Mantis, and Snake. The Tiger is the body and the element of fire, the Mantis is the spirit and wind, and the Snake is the mind and water. Each character style embodies the character of each animal and their symbolism. The entire character system is based in the English alphabet form but designed to resemble the Chinese character system.

What is the meaning behind the film?

The story is inspired by the concept of “rights to passage.” To me, it seems that in our time and culture we have no customs or rituals that mark the point when a child becomes an adult or when they enter the conscious stage of personal development. I was interested in creating my own mythology, my own rights of passage, to show how the leader of the Red Lotus Clan came to be. This is my Way.

Andrew, what was the process of making the film?

I met Brandon about a year ago and created a video with him for ABV, from there the ideas started running wild. Brandon had wanted to make a short film for a while that showed his three styles, but didn’t know how to turn it into a storyline. We spent almost a year conceptualizing & filming until one day it all just made sense. Brandon reached out to a dear friend of his, Christopher Buldoc, who is an incredible writer residing in Korea. We told Chris the concept & a week later he sent us a beautifully written masterpiece. After we had the written story, we went back & reshot everything in order to compliment the final storyline. It’s pretty amazing what an organic creative process can do.
For more information on Brandon Sadler or the film “Nothing Is Sacred,” visit

Brandon Sadler (center) Andrew Litten (right)

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Wish & Wale “The Gifted” Meet & Greet Event Recap

Taking place yesterday, MMG rapper Wale celebrated the release of his upcoming album “The Gifted” with an in-store Meet n’ Greet at Wish. The store was packed as fans, shoppers, and even Trinidad James gathered to hangout, shake hands, or get a signature or picture taken with Ralph himself. Wale, a well known sneaker collector, also took the chance to sign a few sneakers among promotional posters for the upcoming project. So take a look at the images of the event below and be on the lookout for “The Gifted” in stores June 25th!


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Sneaker Con Atlanta 2013 Recap

On June 15, 2013, the sneaker community of Atlanta took a pause as individuals from all walks of life, ethnicity, and income descended onto Dominique Wilkins Gym on Campbelton Road for Sneaker Con Atlanta 2013. Everyone from novice sneakerheads to downright footwear aficionados were in attendance hoping to either flip their pairs or discover a gem that they missed the first time around. Vendors sold everything from plastic wrapped exclusive sneaks to socks and jewelery as individuals walked around boldly lifting their pairs in the air, showing off their inventory in hopes of making that big profit. Most of the sneakers there having released at Wish at one time or another, it was great to see the community come together in such an event as this. This was our first time covering Sneaker Con, but it will surely not be our last. And after looking at some of the photos below, you’ll understand why.

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Now Accepting Resumes

We’re looking for 1-2 key people to join our team. Come up to the shop this Sunday between 3:00-6:00PM and drop of a resume. We’d like to meet you in person so please no phone calls, only in-person resumes will be accepted.

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Wish Presents: Spinback Thursdays

Staying true to who we are in Lil 5, Wish ATL is bringing back our DJ program! Kicking things off will be no other than Dj Dibiase come join us this and every first Thursday of the month for good music while you shop!
(For all DJs who would like to be features please send your mix link to: info@wishatl for review!)

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Wish Key Players

This year, Wish is celebrating Black History Month with the launch of our Wish Key Players capsule. This capsule will consist of five tees, featuring some of the Civil Rights Movement’s most influental figures, with their last names and numbers printed on the back.

We labeled this capsule “Key Players” to pay homage to the roles that each person played in brining us the freedom that we are able to experience today. Going deeper, the numbers on the back of each tee are meant to represent an important year in American history such as ’63, the year of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, or ’68, the year of the historic 1968 Summer Olympic Games. Each day next week, we will focus on a different Key Player, releasing their tee and sharing some of their greatest moments that made them “key” in the Civil Rights movement. So stay on the lookout for #WishKeyPlayers on Twitter to follow along and participate in our Wish Key Players Week.

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Jordan Holiday Release Rules

1. Wish will be opening and releasing the shoes at our regular opening time of 12 P.M.  

Noon for both releases.

2. NO CAMPING!!! During Wish store hours of operation.

3. First come, first serve basis. No ticket system.

4. No reserves or Pre-Pay System

5.No phone orders will be done  until after 5 P.M. on both release dates.

6. Each Customer is only allowed 1 pair.


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Wish x Hundreds Pre-Release Party at El Bar

Last night, the city came out to El Bar in support of our newest collaboration: The Wish x Hundreds Hoya. This celebration, fueled by free PBR and sounds from local Atlanta DJs, comes at the end of the epic battle between us and Major DC to see who’s Hundreds Hoya would take home the trophy. So check out some of the images from the event below, or click here for the full album.

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Frank Cooke on the Wish x Hundreds Collab Hoya

As you probably have seen, The Hundreds “Versus” pack competition between us and Major DC is well underway. So we took a second to sit down with our own Frank Cooke to get a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Wish x Hundreds Hoya.

So what was the inspiration behind the shoe?

“We started off wanting to do the Johnson Low sillhouette and wanted to use cheetah print. But after reviewing and seeing that The Hundreds had a new sillhoutte called the Hoya, we thought it would be a challenge to do something new and refreshing, we thought that cheetah wouldn’t translate to that type of shoe. [Wish’s] owner Lauren Amos thought it would be interesting to use print that is rarely used and initially we wanted to use pony hair material. So we came to the decision to take on peacock.

We curated different designs using the peacock pattern mainly on the outside upper of the shoe. But in final renderings we figured using the peacock pattern in the toe box and tongue area would let the pattern speak for itself, toning it down with darker colors.

How long did the whole creation process take?

“We initially started the process in September 2011, as previously stated on a different shoe. We ended up going through about eight months of revisions until we nailed down the final design.”

Do you think people will like the shoe?

“I hope so, I know we love it. Lauren and I just wanted to do something a little different and not really do a print that was safe. Because I think something that is unique that you don’t see in the market often is peacock print.”

What do you think about the competition with Major DC?

“First off, let me say that Dukki is one of my good mentors in this industry. He’s been doing it for years and is definitely one of the top tier store owners and gurus of branding. I mean, just look at his adidas and New Era collabs. Just brilliant. So when we got the chance to go up against the legend, I was all for it.”

So do you think Wish will come out on top?


Now that you’ve got the background behind it, feel free to click here and vote for our Wish x Hundreds shoe!

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