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Wish Recap: “Nothing Is Sacred” Closing Show

Patrons of the Nelson Street Gallery this past weekend were greeted by a far east experience as the gallery was transformed for the “Nothing is Sacred” closing exhibition. The exhibition premiered the short film, Nothing is Sacred by Andrew Litten and Brandon Sadler. The film follows Sadler as he takes us into his world and through the art of calligraphy introduces viewers to The Tiger, The Praying Mantis, and The Snake, all personified corners of his mind. These three elements combine to reveal and guide the artist along the path of enlightenment.

We got a chance to view the film, check out several of Sadler’s pieces, and sit down with the filmmakers to get more information about “Nothing Is Sacred.” So take a look at the interview below, and check out some images from the show as well as the  “Nothing Is Sacred” trailer.

Brandon, can you tell us a bit more about your three calligraphy styles?

My writing styles are representations of each mental state I adapt according to the varied circumstances that arise in my life.  These styles come in the form of the Tiger, Preying Mantis, and Snake. The Tiger is the body and the element of fire, the Mantis is the spirit and wind, and the Snake is the mind and water. Each character style embodies the character of each animal and their symbolism. The entire character system is based in the English alphabet form but designed to resemble the Chinese character system.

What is the meaning behind the film?

The story is inspired by the concept of “rights to passage.” To me, it seems that in our time and culture we have no customs or rituals that mark the point when a child becomes an adult or when they enter the conscious stage of personal development. I was interested in creating my own mythology, my own rights of passage, to show how the leader of the Red Lotus Clan came to be. This is my Way.

Andrew, what was the process of making the film?

I met Brandon about a year ago and created a video with him for ABV, from there the ideas started running wild. Brandon had wanted to make a short film for a while that showed his three styles, but didn’t know how to turn it into a storyline. We spent almost a year conceptualizing & filming until one day it all just made sense. Brandon reached out to a dear friend of his, Christopher Buldoc, who is an incredible writer residing in Korea. We told Chris the concept & a week later he sent us a beautifully written masterpiece. After we had the written story, we went back & reshot everything in order to compliment the final storyline. It’s pretty amazing what an organic creative process can do.
For more information on Brandon Sadler or the film “Nothing Is Sacred,” visit risingredlotus.com

Brandon Sadler (center) Andrew Litten (right)

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