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Wish “Key Players” Capsule Video

Wish Key Players Capsule from Wish Atlanta on Vimeo.

To end our Key Players Week with a bang, we put together a video for the entire “Key Players” capsule. With music from Atlanta’s own Outkast, and visuals from Gavin Guidry, Michael Kusumadjaja, and Andrew Litten, this video embodies the essence of our Black History collection. Please support this effort by watching the video and even sharing!

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Wish BHM “KEY PLAYERS” Capsule: Emmett Till

In the summer of 1955, 14 year old Emmett Till was pulled from his uncle’s home and brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman, igniting a flame in the Civil Rights Movement and making him a Key Player in American History. This release from our #wishkeyplayers capsule is available online and in store now!

This release from our Wish Key Players Capsule is available now online and in store.

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Wish Key Players

This year, Wish is celebrating Black History Month with the launch of our Wish Key Players capsule. This capsule will consist of five tees, featuring some of the Civil Rights Movement’s most influental figures, with their last names and numbers printed on the back.

We labeled this capsule “Key Players” to pay homage to the roles that each person played in brining us the freedom that we are able to experience today. Going deeper, the numbers on the back of each tee are meant to represent an important year in American history such as ’63, the year of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, or ’68, the year of the historic 1968 Summer Olympic Games. Each day next week, we will focus on a different Key Player, releasing their tee and sharing some of their greatest moments that made them “key” in the Civil Rights movement. So stay on the lookout for #WishKeyPlayers on Twitter to follow along and participate in our Wish Key Players Week.

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