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Play Cloths 2013 Spring/Summer “Sharky” & “Galaxy” Strapback

For Spring/Summer 2013, CLIPSE-backed Play Cloths unleashes two new headwear options for the season. Branded as the “Sharky” and the “Galaxy” Strapback, the hats arrive in Play Cloths all-over print pattern for the Galaxy rendition while the Sharky execution sees pointed spikes emblazoned across the front panels. 

Purchase the Play Cloths SS13 Strapback hats here as well as in-store through our Moreland Ave. location.

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Wish 2013 Spring/Summer “Woodland Camo” Snapback Pack

Adding to our ongoing segment of headwear releases, today we’ve created the “Woodland Camo” Snapback Pack. Built on 9FIFTY snapback bodies from New Era, the twopack collection arrives with a timeless and classic Woodland Camouflage motif draped across the upper panels as well as the bill. Puffed Wish logo embroidery is emblazoned across the anterior panels while a plastic snapback enclosure and a contrasting top button rounds things out.

Purchase the Wish 2013 Spring/Summer “Woodland Camo” Pack here as well as in-store through our Moreland Ave. location.

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10.Deep 2013 “Monticello” Snapback & “Local Native” Camp Cap

With summer hitting its full stride and the impending 4th of July holiday upon us, New York mainstay, 10.Deep drops off a handful of headwear options. Two new styles include the “Monticello” Snapback hat and the “Local Native” Camp Cap. The 6 panel Snapback boasts an all-over pineapple print while the Local Native 5-panel camp cap is emblazoned with 10.Deep’s seasonal print along the bill. Priced at $38 USD each, both are now available in-store and online.

Purchase the new 10.Deep headwear here as well as in-store from our Moreland Ave. location.

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A Closer Look: Wish x Publish 2013 “Our Lady” Headwear Collection

After a successful online release through our web shop and the Publish online shop, we’ve just opened our Moreland Ave. shop’s doors and the Wish x Publish “Our Lady” collection is now available for a limited time. Publish recently executed a well-shot lookbook for the collection as well. Captured in a candlelit, moody environment, the photoshoot captures the overall aesthetic of the collection through a grainy photoset. 

Purchase the Wish x Publish “Our Lady” collection here as well as through Publish. Availability is now offered in-store through our Moreland Ave. location in limited stock as well.

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Further Info on the Wish x Publish Brand 2013 “Our Lady” Capsule Collection

As the anticipation has been building off the strength of our latest Trinidad James editorial photoshoot, we’re announcing further information regarding the Wish x Publish Brand “Our Lady” Capsule Collection. The two-piece collection was worked up alongside our good friends over at California-based Publish Brand. The concept centers around the timeless imagery of the Virgin Mary and a variety of Roman Catholic visuals. The custom print and material was mocked up just for Wish and was emblazoned across the exterior of a 5-Panel Camp Cap as well as a Bucket Hat. The perfect summertime steez.

Release Date: Wednesday, July 3

Time: 12:00AM EST (Midnight) Online / 12:00PM EST (Noon) In-Store

Our Lady 5-Panel Camp Cap: $40 USD

Our Lady Bucket Hat: $38 USD

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Undefeated 2013 Spring/Summer Headwear New Releases – Delivery 2

Spring/Summer 2013 sees Undefeated experimenting with a new allotment of patterns and prints. The latest in the brand’s delivery two for the season sees a duo of 5-Panel camp caps offered up in a unique Floral motif. Two colors – navy and green – see the all-overprint pattern on the crown and brim, while a subtle Undefeated tag resides on the front and center. 

Purchase the Undefeated Floral Camp Caps here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location.

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Mishka 2013 Spring/Summer Headwear Collection

The Death Adders crew has aligned once again for a range of Spring/Summer 2013 headwear options. Mishka NYC debuts an assortment of snapback hats and 5-panel camp caps that align with its larger seasonal collection. Boasting traditional flipped sports logos and iconic Mishka graphics, the hats also feature an assortment of all-over patterns including leopard prints, zebra striping and summer Hawaiian patterns. 

Purchase the Mishka 2013 spring/summer headwear range now here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location.

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Wish 2013 Spring/Summer Accessories Collection

Just in time for your summer fit, we’ve just dropped a small capsule collection of Spring/Summer 2013 accessories. Building on the Wish “S-Man” New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Hats that also just released, the accessories range includes two iterations of mid-calf ribbed socks as well as a 6-pack sticker and pin set. The entire collection just dropped and is now available in-store as well as online in limited quantities.

Purchase the Wish 2013 Accessories Collection now here and through our Moreland Ave. shop.

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Wish 2013 Spring/Summer “S-Man” New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Hats

The iconic S-Man makes its return! With summer gearing up already, we’re releasing a four-pack of New Era 9FIFTY Snapback “S-Man” hats. Each of the caps boasts the iconic New Era construction with the 9FIFTY silhouette adding the traditional straight-sided snapback brim. The S-Man motif rests on the front panel of the hat in heavy floating embroidery while the New Era flag and Wish logo are seen on the side and reverse of the hat respectively. Offered in four colorways – Black, Navy Blue, Navy/Scarlet Red and Scarlet Red, all four are now available in-store and online in extremely limited quantities. Retail is $35 USD each.

Purchase the Wish “S-Man” New Era 9FIFTY Snapback Hats here as well as in-store from our Moreland Ave. shop.

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Play Cloths 2013 Spring/Summer “Port City” and “Heavens” Strapbacks

Despite having slightly changed its aesthetic since the early days and its inaugural season, CLIPSE-backed Play Cloths remains on trend, season-after-seaon. As the brand steps into Spring 2013, a variety of its pieces boast elements of sublimation and Greco-Roman influences via all-over prints and patterns. The latest to drop from the brand’s collection arrives in the form of the “Port City” and “Heavens” Strapback hats. Comprised of a buttery soft suede brim, each of the hats see all-over print patterns across all 6 panels and are rounded out by a leather strapback and a brushed, antique clasp at the back. 

Purchase the Play Cloths Port City Strapback here.

Purchase the Play Cloths Heavens Strapback here.

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Just Don 2013 “The Finals” Snakeskin Strapback Hats

For 2013, Don C of Just Don presents “The Finals” snakeskin strapback hats. Playing off the energy and momentum, building throughout this year’s NBA season and post-seaon, the caps are a testament to the sports-centric Just Don label. While utilizing the brand’s trademark snakeskin at the brim, the crown features an embroidered “The Finals” script. An additional embroidered script is found on the left side, commemorating the 1991 NBA Finals. The hats will be releasing on June 1, 2013.

Purchase the Just Don “The Finals” hats here when they launch at midnight. Availability is also offered in-store through our Moreland Ave. shop location beginning at 12:00PM (noon) on Saturday, June 1.

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Undefeated 2013 Spring/Summer Headwear New Releases

After seeing a few recent seasons of successful collaborative projects as well as in-line releases, Undefeated’s 2013 spring/summer range has already been primed for even further success. For its headwear assortment this year, the brand maintaind consistency with its sports-centric roots as well as its iconic logo-driven aesthetic. The latest delivery of headwear options through Wish sees trucker style “PLAY DIRTY” snapback caps, 5-Strike 6-panel snapbacks as well as a all-over print camouflage trucker cap with an Old English “U” patchwork motif across the front.

The Undefeated 2013 spring/summer headwear range is now available in-store at our Moreland Ave. location and will soon be available online.

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Stussy 2013 Spring/Summer Headwear Collection

Stussy’s longtime popularity could potentially be attributed to the consistent creativity and quality that goes into every piece that they make. Not only their apparel, but their accesories as well. And Stussy’s 2013 Spring Summer Headwear collection is no exception. Crafted in a decidedly patterned theme, this collection sees camo, floral, and animal print topped off by the classic Stussy patch. This collection, which is pictured below, is now avalable at Wish online and in store. 

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Durkl – Spring ’11 Headwear

Based off the motto, “High Quality, Low Standards”, Washington, DC, based streetwear brand, Durkl strives to inject their original city-lifestyle into modern fashion apparel.  Independently owned and operated since 2005, Durkl has worked up quite a resume of dope stockists of their diverse, sophisticated, yet gritty apparel.  We just took stock of a few Spring ’11 headwear pieces.  All styles can be scooped from our online shop or in our Moreland Ave. store.  Swing Through! 





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