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Jonathan Mannion Releases Never-Before-Seen Photos of Kanye West from the Early 2000s

With Kanye West stepping not only into fatherhood, but also a highly anticipated and controversial release day for his latest full length, Yeezus, iconic photographer Jonathan Mannion has released a small set of never-before-seen photographs of Kanye West from the early-2000’s era. Collected from a photoset for The FADER’s inaugural “Now” Issue, the photoset was also the very first ever Kanye West magazine cover photoshoot. An obvious stark contrast exists when looking back at a pre-era Ye compared to the current Yeezy Season Mr. West. Nonetheless, a very interesting retrospective glance into a previous era of an artist who has gone on to not only re-structure the hip-hop landscape but also position himself as a strong voice within the realms of fashion as well. 

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