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Now Available: Vans Vault x Brooks

2016_12_1_Wish_Justin_Blog_1_1 Vans’ premium label, Vault by Vans, and prestigious bicycle saddle company, Brooks England LTD, reunite to release a limited edition collection of Vans footwear and Brooks accessories built for riding. In a year where both brands celebrate significant milestones – Vans’ 50th and Brooks’ 150th anniversary – the two well-respected entities come together for their second collaboration blending classic design with quality craftsmanship to create the utmost sophistication in footwear and bicycle accessories. The Vault by Vans & Brooks partnership presents laser-etched artwork from designer Taka Hayashi across the TH OG Sk8-Hi LX and TH OG Classic Slip-On LX. Hayashi’s imagery and intricate detailing extends from footwear into a deluxe set of Brooks accessories consisting of the Barbican Shoulder Bag and Swift Brooks Saddle. Since 1866, Brooks England has been constructing leather goods in Smethwick, England. Celebrating their 150th anniversary alongside Vans’ 50 years brings forth the best in design and quality from two industry leaders, while honoring their respective styles and histories.2016_12_1_Wish_Justin_Blog_1_2 2016_12_1_Wish_Justin_Blog_1_32016_12_1_Wish_Justin_Blog_1_4

Wish for Kicks

Wish ATL is launching a new charity initiative this month called #wishforkicks. We are collecting donations all month to turn those dollars into sneakers to give away to the teens from Chris180 serves youth ages 6-17 in foster care who have emotional challenges stemming from trauma, as well as 18-24 year olds that are “aging out” of the foster care system and need help to get on their feet. Our goal is to provide a pair of sneakers from Wish for each child & teen in the organization for the Holidays.

Wish ATL has teamed up with a number of celebrities to help launch the program. Their generous donations helped us jump start this terrific campaign

A very special thanks to Kenny Burns, Josh Childress, Jermaine Dupri, David Fizdale, Jarrett Jack, K. Camp, Lloyd, Tyronn Lue, Lotto 7, Rayven Justice, Renaldo Nehemiah, Sammie, Shannon Sharpe, Josh Smith, Steve Smith, Greg Street, and T.I.

Stop in Wish today  to make a donation and help us grant a #wishforkicks

If you would like to contribute and are not local, please email us at for more information.


Now Available: adidas aethletics x Reigning Champ

2016_11_22_Wish_Jerome and Stephanie_blog_ 1BROTHERHOOD made its debut on these pages, and now the label has returned with its fall/winter 2016 lookbook, entitled “Harsh Times.” Building off the “WAR IS OVER” range, this latest consists of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, trousers with a faintly raw edged hem, and sweatshirts in a variety of finishes, from plain crew neck to half-zip editions. Elsewhere we find a selection of branded headwear pieces ranging from bucket hats to beanies.2016_11_22_Wish_Jerome and Stephanie_blog_2 2016_11_22_Wish_Jerome and Stephanie_blog_4 2016_11_22_Wish_Jerome and Stephanie_blog_3

Now Available: Nike Dunk Ultra

2016_11_21_Wish_Quick_008_ copy_Blog As this year’s fall/winter season approaches, it’s time for a quick adjustment in footwear, and Nike has you covered. Similar to what the Swoosh is doing with its 2016 Sneakerboot Collection, the leather upper on this new Dunk Ultra is ready to withstand an occasional storm while not compromising style. Further details are added to the silhouette via its umbrella logo on the tongue in addition to its plaid inner lining and white laces.2016_11_21_Wish_Quick_016_ copy_Blog 2016_11_21_Wish_Quick_022_ copy_Blog 2016_11_21_Wish_Quick_031_ copy_Blog

Now Available: Brotherhood Winter 2016

2016_11_18_Wish _Justin1_Blog BROTHERHOOD made its debut on these pages, and now the label has returned with its fall/winter 2016 lookbook, entitled “Harsh Times.” Building off the “WAR IS OVER” range, this latest consists of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, trousers with a faintly raw edged hem, and sweatshirts in a variety of finishes, from plain crew neck to half-zip editions. Elsewhere we find a selection of branded headwear pieces ranging from bucket hats to beanies.2016_11_18_Wish _Justin2_Blog 2016_11_18_Wish _Justin3_Blog

Now Available: Publish Brand Holiday 16

2016_11_21_Wish_Matt_1_Blog Always and forever is a sentiment that rings true with the mantra of Southern California’s clothiers Publish Brand. Quality, forward thinking design, craftsmanship, and attention to detail are the pillars that keep this sustainable fashion brand moving. In their latest holiday offering you will see a plethora of weight goods that appeal to every type of man. From the streets of New York to the countryside of Copenhagen, ‘Always and Forever’ is one of Publish’s best collection to date.2016_11_21_Wish_Matt_2_Blog 2016_11_21_Wish_Matt_3_Blog

November Issue: [Tokyo Bound]






Wish introduces its 3rd editorial in time for the holidays. [Toyko Bound] was shot on the streets of Tokyo , in the district of  Shinjuku. Mademoiselle Yulia and Toshio Nakamura are featured in Wish logo collection, Represent Co, Yeezy, and Adidas Originals.







Production and Creative Direction : Zoo as Zoo First Assistant: Hiro Sato Second Assistant: Satoshi Ueda Third Assistant: Take Fourth Assistant: Takaharu Nozawa Make Up Artist: Sada Ito Hair Stylist: Katsumi Mizifune

Manucurist: Ayaka Masada

Set Manager: Yuu Toda

Coming Soon: Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi Holiday 2016 collection

Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web1 Spanning a relationship that dates back 10 years now, creative polymath Taka Hayashi, since first applying his distinct design language onto the second Vans Syndicate project, has helped elevate some of the brand’s most revered silhouettes to new heights. For the Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi Holiday 2016 collection, the artist applied a series of textiles and prints while also drawing influence not only from Vans’s diverse catalog but from his travels up the California coast to create a well-rounded range. Watch out for the collection to drop at our Moreland AVE location on 11.19 and later that day online at 3 p.m.Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web2 Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web3 Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web4 Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web5

Now Available: Staple Holiday ’16 Delivery

2016_11_04_Wish_Sohan7790 Headed by New York designer and streetwear guru jeffstaple, Staple Pigeon has been consistent with its releases each season, reworking wardrobe silhouettes with mixed influences from classic sportswear and sartorial trends. For its 2016 holiday collection, the brand presents an updated range of casual goods upheld by loud prints and psychedelic hues. 2016_11_04_Wish_Sohan7743 2016_11_04_Wish_Sohan7686 2016_11_04_Wish_Sohan7657

NowAvailable: Holiday ’16 Stussy Women’s Collection

2016_11_07_Wish_Kimani8255 The Holiday 2016 collection continues to explore Stüssy’s approach to casual American streetwear seen in the fall offering. This season’s delivery features Stüssy icon pieces with modern silhouette and material plays. Similar to the men’s offering track suits, tonal colors, and material plays make up the wide women’s range.2016_11_07_Wish_Kimani8196 2016_11_07_Wish_Kimani8028 2016_11_07_Wish_Kimani7909

Now Available: Holiday ’16 Stussy Men’s Collection

2016_11_09_WISH_Faisal7936The Holiday 2016 collection continues to explore Stüssy’s approach to casual American streetwear seen in the fall offering. This season’s delivery features Stüssy icon pieces with modern silhouette and material plays. A military aesthetic and sensibility is carried through mid-layers and outerwear with a range of tonal offerings explored in materials including faux fur linings, heavy gauge knits, medium weight jerseys, and polar and bonded fleece.
2016_11_09_WISH_Faisal7879 2016_11_09_WISH_Faisal7861 2016_11_09_WISH_Faisal7844

Now Available: Publish Hers Holiday ’16 Delivery

2016_11_01_Wish_Asley_069 Publish Brand has revealed its 2016 Holiday collection with a wide range of silhouettes. Entitled “His and Hers,” the editorial features upcoming pieces from the label’s female line Publish HERS, as well as from its latest men’s collection dubbed “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid.” Constructed with sophisticated fabrics and clean lines, the womenswear range sees new additions of boyfriend-style cuts and oversized forms. Some examples would be the high-waisted, double-pleat cropped “Sylvia” pant, the soft cotton blend “Bell” shirtdress, and the premium stretch “Keylor” denim coaches jacket.2016_11_01_Wish_Asley6897 2016_11_01_Wish_Asley6804

Now Available: Billionaire Boys Club Holiday ’16 Collection

2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7321_ Billionaire Boys Club follows up on their Fall Exclusive Collection. The Holiday Capsule features an opaque, saturated palette of dark teal, red, black, and khaki paired with heavyweight French terry and jersey fabrics.
Definitive, engineered silhouettes are presented this season, most notable on the laser-cut self-applique technique, asymmetrical patchwork with raw edges, and contrast color panels. Notable highlights are the MA-1 bomber jackets, flannels , and half zip sweatpants.
2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7556_ 1 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7442_ 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7422_ 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7389 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7387_ 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel7297_ 2

Now Available: Rokit Autumn/Winter

2016_11_10_WISH_FHASSEN 3 Someone once said champions are made, not born, from something deep inside – a desire, a dream, a vision. These lessons and attitudes learned through trial and tribulation are the basis of the ROKIT lifestyle, both on and off the court; a product of blood, sweat and tears. Inspired by a unique marriage of skateboarding and street basketball subcultures framed in a contemporary aesthetic, ROKIT is an homage to champions born of pavement and blacktop. Although they seem to be two drastically different worlds, many who grew up in skateboarding culture understand the diversity of individuals involved; from inner city stars to misled youth the culture is a melting pot of backgrounds brought together by the love of the sport. With that in mind it’s easy to see the same in street basketball culture and it should come as no surprise that those who step off a deck would then step onto a court and vice versa.From the paint to the ledge, on and off the court, ROKIT is a reflection of a lifestyle familiar to many but lived by few.2016_11_10_WISH_FHASSEN 2 2016_11_10_WISH_FHASSEN 1

Now Available Reebok Question HOF


Now Available: Reebok Question Mid ‘Dress Code’

2016_11_04 _Wish_Quick7602_PSD 16bit copy_Blog Youth culture idolized Allen Iverson’s fresh street style. Corporate culture, on the other hand, did not. 20 years, one league-enforced dress code and countless fines later, and they still can’t shut down what AI started. Now available online and at our Moreland Ave location.2016_11_04 _Wish_Quick7623_PSD 16bit copy_Blog 2016_11_04 _Wish_Quick7617_PSD 16bit copy_Blog

Coming Soon: Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Urban Utility

2016_11_02_Wish_Joel_036_PSD 16bit copy_Blog Coming in two color ways (Black and Faded Olive. The Nike SF AF1 comes out swinging strong. Born in 1982, the Air Force 1 has long been a force to be reckoned with. Long past its days on the wood, the classic Air Force 1 is now built for the future to deliver urban utility in a military-inspired design. The SF AF1 features a ballistic nylon upper that’s as tough as it gets for use in all conditions. The dual ankle straps are removable, allowing for a custom look. At the tongue, is an espionage pocket built for easy storage. An exclusive, military-inspired carry bag is included, complete with removable straps.BE on the look our for these dropping 11.05 in store at our Moreland AVE location.2016_11_02_Wish_Joel_118_PSD 16bit copy_Blog 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel_046_PSD 16bit copy_Blog 1 2016_11_02_Wish_Joel_101_PSD 16bit_Blog


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