Coming Soon: Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi Holiday 2016 collection

Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web1 Spanning a relationship that dates back 10 years now, creative polymath Taka Hayashi, since first applying his distinct design language onto the second Vans Syndicate project, has helped elevate some of the brand’s most revered silhouettes to new heights. For the Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi Holiday 2016 collection, the artist applied a series of textiles and prints while also drawing influence not only from Vans’s diverse catalog but from his travels up the California coast to create a well-rounded range. Watch out for the collection to drop at our Moreland AVE location on 11.19 and later that day online at 3 p.m.Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web2 Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web3 Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web4 Vans_Taka_Editorial_Blog_Web5


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