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Lil B x The Hundreds T-Shirt Collection

Los Angeles based The Hundreds teams up with artist Lil B for a round of t-shirts in honor of the Based God.  We thought it much more fitting to let Bobby Hundreds himself explain it to you… check out what they had to say about their latest Lil B x The Hundreds colab:

“We back Lil B because he’s a true artist, broken away from the pack, the black sheep, making music on his own terms by his own rules and finally offering rap something unique.  Lil B understands the next generation of music listeners, he’s got ‘em by a headlock through Tumblr and Twitter, he preaches soulful positivity, his beats are unparalleled.  His art can be both lowbrow and conscious, ridiculous and grave.  You’re either with him or against him, but while you’re figuring it out, he’s already moved onto the next one.  When was the last time you heard of somebody cookin’ up this kind of controversy?  Oh yeah, that’s right: Us.  Fitting, isn’t it?” – The Hundreds


The entire collection can now be picked up for a limited time from Wish or purchased on our online shop



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