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Jonathan Johnson Griffin in store Signing Recap

For those who were at Wish this Saturday, it was obvious that the Lebron X Cork release caused a lot of commotion in the sneaker community. On top of the huge release and the line wrapped around the store, we had the creator of the madness present in store to sign boxes, shoes, and even in-soles. Take a look at some quotes from Jonathan Johnson-Griffin and the images we captured on Saturday below:

Why Cork?

JJG: “We were talking to Lebron and he was saying that he kind of wanted to give it that champagne bang feeling. And it’s based all around the idea of popping bottles… When you hear that champagne bang of the cork popping, you know you won a championship.”

This “champagne bang” aspect of the design is evident in Jonathan’s “Popping Bottles!” signature.

Can you take us through higlights of the design/production process?

JJG: “For me the higlights [of the production process] are sketching and working with the athletes to dive into his life and extract different details that are really rich that we can tell different stories around.”

In this photo (above): Creater of the UNDS Snapback Irv from Rare Addiction.


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