Undefeated 2013 Fall/Winter Beanie Collection

For Fall/Winter 2013, Undefeated steps even further into its nostalgic, sports-inspired roots with a range of beanies for the seasonal range. Featuring classic pom executions and single cuffed models, the collection arrives in the form of the “Tiger Pom Pom” beanie in a trio of colors as well as the “All Good Pom Pom” beanie and the “Undefeated Stripe Beanie.” Each of the Tiger Pom Pom beanies feature a knitted team Tiger across the majority of the crown with a matching colored pom beanies on top. Elsewhere, the All Good Pom Pom beanies is a two-tone navy and green beanies that sees the script “ALL GOOD” emblazoned across the front stripe. Lastly, the Undefeated Stripe Beanie hits hard with a black-and-yellow colorway that sees a trailing “UNDEFEATED” knitted across the entire top. 

Purchase the Undefeated 2013 Fall/Winter Beanie Collection here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location.

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