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Spinback Thursdays Recap ft. DJ Dibiase

This Thursday, we had Atlanta’s own DJ Dibiase come through and provide the sounds for our first Spinback Thursdays! Between spinning, we got the chance to catch up with him and ask a few questions. So check out the interview and photos below and get familiar with The Million Dollar DJ:

So how’d you get your start?

I got my start by kinda sneaking into clubs when I was 17 years old and putting myself in the right position with promoters and other DJs and they got me the opportunity to DJ at their events and parties. But even before that I would make mixtapes in highschool and pass them out on the bus or wherever.

Where’s your favorite place to spin in Atlanta?

My favorite spot to spin is where I’ve been for the last 3 years. Whiskey Park in the W Hotel. I do every Friday night there. You got everybody from your local celebrities, your artsy fartsy people, to your Owen Wilsons and Spike Lees all come through, so it’s a fun place to be. You never know what to excpect with it being a hotel.

Who have been the top 3 people you’ve been able to work with so far?

My top 3 in no particular order has to be Trinidad [James] who used to come to my parties when he was younger and we just kinda hooked up from there. I did a screwed and chopped version of his mixtape so that’s how that got popped off. Other than that I’d say DJ Chemist who’s an OG DJ in Atlanta, probably my favorite DJ in Atlanta if not out of all DJs across th world. He’s always showed support. Number three are my partners from this party I do called All Vinyl Everything that we started a year ago.

For a more in depth look at DJ Dibiase, check out his site http://www.themilliondollardj.com/ and pick up the 2nd installment of his #LeisureSuite mixtape here at the store!

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