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Recap: SEA x BSM Hat Release | Waka Flocka In-Store

Last night here at Wish was a packed event for the SEA and BSM hat release. Waka was in the building with friends and family including many super fans to support the charity cause to stop bullying, or as Waka said it best “Karate chop bullying”. Overall the hats were a huge success and we were honered here at Wish to hold the event. Many special guest came through even some of the Brick Squad stopped by to support the cause and make an appearance. Its pretty cool to see an artist like Waka to step up and take a stand against a great cause like this with his fans to follow the possibilities are endless to make a change!

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Sea x BSM Hat Release | Waka Flocka In-Store #WAKANEWYEAR | 01.24 6-8 PM

Tomorrow is gearing up to be an awesome event here at Wish be sure not to miss this one. SEA and BSM (Brick Squad Monopoly) have teamed up for 3 different hats all 3 colorways chosen by Waka himself all proceeds will be going to charity and the launch release will be going on here January 24th from 6-8 pm. He approached the guys over at SEA and said two things: 1. this SEAxBSM (Brick Squad Monopoly) hat will be fresh (so his friends, fans, and family will want to wear it as a community and so it will fly off the shelves and raise a lot of money for the chosen charity), and 2. it will support something that increases access to opportunity for those who are stifled. He set the parameters and approved 3 causes and colors for the hats that satisfied them. The rest he left up to his fans… Waka will be here in the building for the release for more info Check out the Complex Magazine article here.

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