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Introducing Botánica Jewlery

Initially started as a project in 2012 to create rosaries dedicated to her life spent on both the East and West Coast, Nicole De La Pax Alvarez’s brand Botánica is now making a name for itself in streetwear. It’s undeiable that streetwear is largely inspired by the surroundings of the individuals that create it. And in Alverez’s case it is no different. The Cuban Link represents her upbringing in New York and the Herringbone represents her time in Los Angeles, therefore, giving us high-quality and unique Right & Left Coast Rosaries. Although heavily inspired by stores in the Latin Community, the brand is not affiliated with any particular religion and has been spotted on the likes of West Coaster Kendrick Lamar and East Coaster Lebron James.

Purchase the Botánica Jewlery here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location.

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