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History of the Jordan VIII

In honor of the Air Jordan VIII release tomorrow, we wanted to give you some history on this highly anticipated release. Tinker Hatfield wanted the Air Jordan 8 to not feature a Nike sign. He thought the Jordan Brand was strong enough at this point to hold its own. Tinker brought up to Nike that the Jordan line was strong enough to start eliminating the Nike sign at the AJ VI. After Tinker was done telling his story, Nike pretty much laughed in his face.

It took a lot of time, and a lot of convincing to make this happen, but it finally went through. If you look at the Original Air Jordan VIII model you will notice there is no Nike sign.

The Air Jordan VIII started a lot of talk through sneaker heads, basketball players, or people that enjoyed a pair of Nike’s. The design was crazy, the AJ 8 also had a polycarbonate torsion plate, and to top it all off, the color ways blew people away.

Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian have developed a relationship with many commercials promoting the Air Jordan Original 8 (VIII) in 1993. One pair which was apart of the commercials is the Air Jordan Original 8 (VIII) White / Black – True Red aka Bugs Bunny. The Air Jordan Original VIII (8) Bugs Bunny White / Black – True Red received its nickname not only from the commercials, but the straps. Many have said the straps resemble Bunny ears.

The Air Jordan 8 (VIII) OG Bugs Bunny White / Black – True Red release February 1993 and will be available at Wish this Saturday in store and by phone order only.

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