KNYEW E-Long Scoop Tees

Originally known as a prime destination boutique for streetwear in Las Vegas, KNYEW continues to expand its horizons as an in-house brand encompassing a full, domestically-manufactured cut and sew line. The label has grown exponentially in recent seasons and has garnered a reputation for clean silhouettes, monochromatic colorways and premium fabrics, as well as the American-made construction of its garments. For Spring/Summer 2015, KNYEW’s “E-Long Basics” Collection, 90% Cotton/10% Polyester blended E-Long tee that features our signature Scoop cut hem. Pre-shrunk with enzyme and silicone wash for softer and smoother feel.

Purchase the KNYEW E-Long Scoop Tees here as well as in-store through our Moreland Ave. location. Phone orders are accepted by dialing 404.880.0402. Email orders are accepted by sending a size request to orders@wishatl.com


Introducing: KNYEW (Keeping New York Everywhere) 2014 Winter Collection

Making its appearance 7 years ago, KNYEW (pronounced “new”) has been the prime destination boutique for streetwear in Las Vegas. Founded by New York natives Crooked and Neva, they wanted to create a boutique that could offer accessibility to fashion, style, music, and the arts similar to hometown NYC. Upon their success, the team has been focusing on their in-house brand that has grown exponentially and expanded to a full cut & sew line. Aesthetically created on modernizing basics and focusing on new essentials for everyday streetwear.

Purchase the KNYEW Winter Collection New Arrivals here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location.

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