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Medicom Be@rbrick “One Love” Japan Charity Pieces

In March, Japan was hit by a 8.9-magnitude massive earthquake off the country’s Eastern coast.  One of the largest earthquakes in history, the quake triggered a 23-foot tsunami that battered homes, buildings, and lives off the coast.  Although the official deathtoll sits somewhere near 15,000 people, the loss of life is certain to be a much steeper number when considering the some-8,000 people missing and thousands of others that governments might not yet know about.

When faced with situations like this, it’s tough to think about anything else, much less fashion or toy collecting.  We genuinely respect Medicom for releasing this set of Be@rbricks as a means to raise money to help the disaster victims in Japan.  In some small ways, we can all help to help in rebuilding a nation and people that were greatly impacted by the disaster.

A special offering from Japan’s Medicom, the 70% Be@rbrick is in support of the disaster victims in the Japanese quake.  All proceeds will be sent to the American Red Cross and their disaster relief efforts in the region.  Available for a limited time at $9 each in-store only.  Phone orders and email orders are always welcome by calling 404.880.0402 ext #1 or emailing orders@wishatl.com for an invoice request.



*Photos Courtesy of Boston.com “The Big Picture”

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