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Wish Recap: “All But Reason” Exhibition from Trey Moseley

When it comes to showcasing some of the best up and coming artists Atlanta has to offer, look no further than ABV Gallery. Proving true, this past weekend ABV hosted the premiere exhibition “All But Reason” of artist Trey Moseley. Moseley, also represented by ABV, unveiled a combination of paintings and installation all under the same banner that consisted of works that were both serene and violent. “All But Reason” is a completely unique experience that confronts viewers with the question, what would we see if we could peel back our flesh and draw our dark and savage nature to the surface?

At the show’s opening this past weekend, we had the pleasure to view the works and catch up with the man behind the art. So take a look at the images below, as well as some quotes from Trey Moseley.

How did you get associated with ABV Gallery in Atlanta from a farming town in middle Georgia?

When I initially moved up here I had a friend that lived in a party house here in the city, one of those places where time stops and people enter in waves. I was asked to do a large scale mural in the space. As I was painting I met a man in circle glasses and nice boots. His name was Ash Hayer. As we began to hang out, and we sipped our drinks, he told me that he worked at a design firm/gallery and that I should stop by. I decided to stop by. That was 3 years ago. What is the underlying story behind the All But Reason exhibition?

What’s the theme that ties all of the “All But Reason” pieces together?

The underlying theme is the unknown. My interest isn’t in telling my story but allowing people to think for themselves, come to there own conclusions about my work, and in doing so maybe the world around them. I only use my life as reference because it is there in front of me, it’s all I know. We are all conditioned into reality differently and because of this we react differently to the objects around us. I am interested in creating a vessel of possibilities and meanings to provide the viewer a mirror into there own understanding of the world.

What’s the next step for Trey Moseley?

To become but a storm drenching everything in it’s path.

For more information on Trey Moseley and his work, visit his website: http://treymoseley.com/

Photography | Gavin Guidry

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