Publish 2013 Holiday “Modern Day Shakespeare” Collection

Just in time for the upcoming holiday season, the fabulous people over at Publish are releasing an extensive holiday collection. Dubbed “Modern Day Shakespeare,” the range explores the idea of reinventing the new man and explores a multitude of new materials and textures for this purpose. A nice example from this collection is the “Trouski,” a classic jogger pant updated with beautiful herringbone wool, available in light grey and heavy flecked charcoal black. The custom reptile scale pattern in copper brown or dark slate is a staple for the collection, presenting itself in an M-65 style jacket, a pair of cuffed joggers, the pockets of two plain tees, and 5-panel strap back caps. This excellent assortment of pieces is now available at Wish.

Purchase the Publish 2013 Holiday “Modern Day Shakespeare” Collection here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location.

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