Introducing Mifland Backpacks

It’s become apparent that many companies in recent years have simply left out the quality and craftsmanship of an accessory as functional as the backpack despite its continuous necessity and use. Fortunately for fashion consumers, there is a brand that stands apart from most. Mifland prides itself on the principles of American made hand-crafted quality and attention to detail. Using a range of luxe, English bridle leather textiles and weights, each unique Mifland bag is created from hand-cut, dip-dyed leather panels and sewn together by timeless hand sewing techniques. Each bag is finished out with durable waxed threading and heavy duty metal hardware. Hitting the shelves here at Wish for the first time, this brand is sure to turn some heads in the upcoming season.

Purchase the Mifland Backpacks here as well as in-store from our Moreland Ave. location.

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