The Moreland Marauders Project: The Artist – Brandon Sadler

In our quest to further examine the progression of Hip Hop, we’re continuing to explore Hip Hop’s core elements. Our next subject is Brandon Sadler, an artist who got his start in street art and is now growing a body of art in the contemporary collection of the High Museum. Sadler’s work can also be seen throughout Atlanta including his work along the Atlanta Beltline which is showcased in the images below. So take a look below as Brandon talks about his craft and models another one of the looks from our “Moreland Marauders” capsule:

Explain what doing your craft is like in today’s society with the advancement of technology, the internet, digital downloads, availability of information etc.? Do these elements prove as aids or obstacles?

I keep both doors open really, I stay true to a hands on approach and utilize the digital world as a tool and network. I prefer to work analog but the cyber tap is inevitable at this point, and it does allow a level of accessibility and impact that conventional approaches can’t provide. Successfully creating in today’s world requires balance, so in order to avoid succumbing to any one particular medium; I sharpen many techniques on the regular.
How has your craft changed since the inception of HipHop?

Well Hip Hop had already erupted by the time I was born in 86’, so what I became and what I do now is reflection of decades of Hip Hop influence.  My style is a symphony of different cultures and disciplines and it will develop continuously; the ability to observe, adapt, and master is the essence of Hip Hop culture.

How does your craft influence HipHop today and vice versa?

I can’t speak on my influence on Hip Hop. Its influence on me however, has been based in progressive forms of creativity, language, innovation, transformation, and style; I have shaped my artistic career on these principles.

For more information on Brandon Sadler or to see some of his work, visit

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