UPDATE: Sold Out! – Burn Rubber x Reebok Question “Apollos Young”

Detroit’s Burn Rubber has put a new and creative spin on the classic Iverson sneaker for their latest Reebok collaboration. But the drastic change in colorway isn’t the only interesting thing about this shoe. Check out what Burn Rubber had to say about the story behind the “Apollos Young”:

The reason you may’ve never heard of Apollos Young is because he never played one second of A professional NBA game. His new found “fast life” turned this nice little Christian boy, into a certified Rockstar. A.Y. Went from a clean cut, sweater vest wearing schoolboy to a tattooed, baggy shorts wearing womanizer with a no holds barred attitude during the preseason. It started with the double cup lean sipping instead of the Gatorade that his teammates used for refreshments. A.Y. is on record for being the first player to ever smoke a black & mild during a game. Although, as a 14 year man child, he averaged 48.7 pts, 23.3 rebs, & 0.1 assts, the line was drawn in his last preseason game. You see, the inquiry was known to wear his cell phone on him during the game, but no one could ever think that he would take it to the level that he took it. Alot of his antics were swept under the rug because of his superior skill level. One thing that couldn’t go unnoticed, was his last time on an NBA court.

This collab will be available in-store at our Moreland Avenue shop on Saturday 8 and will be released on a first-come, first-served basis. Phone orders will be welcome after 5:00PM EST on the day of the release by calling 404.880.0402 ext #2. Make sure to get here early, because like the career of Apollos Young, this release will be over quick.

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