UPDATE: Sold out! – Nike “Year Of the Dragon” Air Force One & Destroyer Jacket| 01.14.12

In correlation to the Chinese New Year, Nike delivers the “Year of the Dragon” Air Force One and Destroyer Jacket. Nike takes the “black on black” trend to another level, by focusing in on attention to detail. Both very classic silhouettes carry specialized detailing. The Destroyer Jacket has a subtle embroidered exterior with an almost unnoticed, colorful design making up the interior. The Air Force One also maintains a “simpler” exterior with a bright insole. The jacket, set to only be released within 10 stores across the US, is priced at $500. The AF1 is priced at $200. Phone orders will be welcome after 5:00PM est on the day of the release (Jan 14) by dialing ext. #2 at 404.880.0402.


Air Force One, Nike, Year Of The Dragon


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