Now Available: Atelier New Regime Fall/Winter 2016

2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_113__Blog A Montreal based street wear brand styled for the modern man, Atelier New Regime is committed to redefining the customer experience as we know it. Through the quality of its product, presentation and lifestyle, ANR pushes the creative envelope leaving a unique and thought-provoking impression on the consumer. Over time, Atelier New Regime has grown to be more than clothing. It has evolved into an artistic movement run by a collective of “creatives” who’s aim is to express themselves through fashion.2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_059__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_090__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_096__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_119__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_239__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_320__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_336__Blog


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