Coming Soon: Asics x SNS Gel-Lyte V ‘Aix-en-Provence’

2016_08_02_Wish_Edwin10882_Capture_ 5 Stars copy_Blog For summer ’16, with the pursuit of perfection in mind, Asics present the Gel-Lyte V “Aix-en-Provence”, a shoe which is inspired by the French, and late night picnics, summer, and of course, lavender.
Asics state that the Gel-Lyte V is a shoe with a contemporary feel, but not to worry, because it’s a shoe that has come a long way, and if you know anything about Asics’ history, then you’ll know this is the case, beginning in 1979 in Kobe, Japan.
This was the continuation of the legacy of Asics innovation with the introduction of the Gel-Lyte V, a subtle progression within the Gel-Lyte series, and it features a sole unit with a stability insert, GEL pad at the heel and P-GEL in the forefoot, as well as a sleeker, more form-fitting toe design to create extra comfort. It’s a more flexible and lighter sneaker,  making it a product of this time and an intelligent piece of performance shoe design.
We see this particular colourway of the Gel-Lyte V coming dressed in a lovely lavender suede upper, with different shades of purple throughout, and also that cream colour on the rear section which compliments the lavender better than any other colour could. A shoe which is perfect for summer! These shoes are available August 5th at our Moreland Ave location.2016_08_02_Wish_Edwin10926_Capture_ 5 Stars copy_Blog 2016_08_02_Wish_Edwin10937_Capture_ 5 Stars copy_Blog 2016_08_02_Wish_Edwin10956_Capture_ 5 Stars copy_Blog 2016_08_02_Wish_Edwin11030_Capture_ 5 Stars copy_Blog


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