Rockwell by Para 2014 Summer Collection

Having become widely recognized for his cartoonish visuals, Dutch artist Parra is the mind behind the now cult streetwear label, Rockwell by Parra. Designed from a similar vein as Parra’s artwork, much of the Rockwell by Parra line infuses heavily saturated colors, curved imagery and a plethora of playful and surreal typefaces and letters. The latest Spring/Summer 2014 arrivals from the Dutch brand have just touch down at Wish. Using a great range of street stape as its foundation, Parra’s trademark visuals are spread across the likes of chenille patchwork, crewneck sweaters, snapback hats, bucket hats, and T-shirts. 

Purchase the Rockwell by Para 2014 Summer Collection here as well as in-store via our Moreland Ave. location. Phone orders are accepted by dialing 404.880.0402. Email orders are accepted by sending a style and size request to

Buckethat, crewneck, Rockwell, T-Shirts


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