Air Jordan Holiday Pinnacle Pack

Posted by Julie Hogg on October 21, 2016 in Product

Inspired by Michael Jordan’s first championship ring with the Chicago Bulls, the Pinnacle Pack celebrates the 25th Anniversary of MJ’s first trophy. Our friends ScottyATL & MoneyMakinNique help present the collection. The apparel will be released tomorrow beginning at 4:30pm exclusively to AJ6 & AJ1 Low Raffle winners during shoe pick up. Remaining units will be available in-store following the release


Now Presenting The Nike Tech Knit Collection

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 21, 2016 in Product

2016_10_17_Wish_Fletch_7054_Blog The new Nike Tech Knit Collection brings sport-style innovation designed for style and comfort in all weather. All pieces are made of engineered fabric that’s mapped to your body, providing superior fit plus zonal warmth and ventilation. Come check out the selection at our Moreland AVE location. Also check out the exact collection on our web store where details are provided to make a phone order.

2016_10_17_Wish_Fletch_7066_Blog  2016_10_17_Wish_Fletch_7095_Blog 2016_10_17_Wish_Fletch_7125_Blog 2016_10_17_Wish_Fletch_7149_Blog 2016_10_17_Wish_Fletch_7156_Blog

Now Available: MISBHV Fall/Winter 2016

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 21, 2016 in Product

2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4102__Blog MISBHV are fronted BY designers Natalie and Kate. Together they launched the brand in Poland with the aim to make clothes ‘their friends would like.’ Aiming to break the cycle of imitation in fashion and to always embody uniqueness, MISBHV’s clothing are for those who want to be style confident and will risk anything for individuality. Come check out MISBHV at our Moreland AVE location and our web store.2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4201__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4310__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4332__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4388__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4418__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4451__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4536__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4579__Blog 2016_10_14_Wish_Jill4597__Blog

Now Available: Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Night Maroon’

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 20, 2016 in Product

2016_10_18_Wish_Quick_002__Blog It has been nearly two decades since the Air Foamposite One touched down. The innovative sneaker introduced the world to this idea of the most durable footwear ever with a full Foamposite construction. Now transcending its performance purposes, the design lands in a lifestyle friendly, night maroon, gum and black colorway. This shoe is available today (10.20) at noon in-store at our Moreland AVE location.2016_10_18_Wish_Quick_033__Blog 2016_10_18_Wish_Quick_009__Blog 2016_10_18_Wish_Quick_007__Blog

Coming Soon: Air Jordan 1 Swooshless Pinnacle ‘Silver’

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 20, 2016 in Product

2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0161_BlogAlready released in luxe presentations, the Swooshless Air Jordan 1 Low gets more premium than ever with the upcoming Metallic Silver edition. Reminiscent of the coveted “Liquid Metal” Nike Sportswear sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 sans the Swoosh receives the shiny silver look for the ‘Pinnacle’ treatment this fall.  As you can see, each pair will come with a special Jumpman keychain, as well as premium packaging. Online Raffle 10.20 for 10.22 in-store purchase at our Moreland AVE location.2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0176_Blog 2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0169_Blog 2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0165_Blog

Coming Soon: Air Jordan 6 Pinnacle ‘Metallic Gold’

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 20, 2016 in Product

2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0117_Blog Jordan Brand’s Pinnacle series has been one of the more interesting developments in the brand’s attempts to expand their reach further into lifestyle territory. Premium creations have landed on the Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4, some featuring actual touches of 24K gold, while others have sported a synthetic snakeskin leather for a luxurious aesthetic sure to please those who wanted to up the ante with their retro selections. Now the Air Jordan 6 ‘Pinnacle‘ is next. And while the pair doesn’t boast any actual 24K gold touches, the monochromatic patent leather upper exudes a hypnotizing array of Metallic Gold that’s sure to be a big hit. Online Raffle 10.19 for 10.22 in-store purchase at our Moreland AVE location.2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0120_Blog 2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0127_Blog2016_10_17_Wish_Quick_0096_Blog

Now Available: New Arrivals from Puma x Fenty by Rihanna

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 18, 2016 in Product

2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell0051__Blog As Creative Director, Rihanna fuses her independent approach to music and fashion, her love of Japanese street culture, and the sport-driven design of PUMA. The result is her debut collection from FENTY PUMA by Rihanna and it’s nothing short of fearless. Come check out what is still available at our Moreland AVE location or on our webstore.2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell3691__Blog 2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell3713__Blog 2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell3750__Blog 2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell3953__Blog 2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell3990__Blog 2016_10_11_Wish_Kendell4005__Blog

Now Available: Atelier New Regime Fall/Winter 2016

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 18, 2016 in Product

2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_113__Blog A Montreal based street wear brand styled for the modern man, Atelier New Regime is committed to redefining the customer experience as we know it. Through the quality of its product, presentation and lifestyle, ANR pushes the creative envelope leaving a unique and thought-provoking impression on the consumer. Over time, Atelier New Regime has grown to be more than clothing. It has evolved into an artistic movement run by a collective of “creatives” who’s aim is to express themselves through fashion.2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_059__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_090__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_096__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_119__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_239__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_320__Blog 2016_10_12_Wish_Bethel_336__Blog

Now Available: Puma x Careaux Court Classic Puma Baskets ‘Black and Rose’

Posted by Jordan Albertson on October 18, 2016 in Product

2016_10_13_Wish_Quick_004__Blog The court classic PUMA Basket makes a rosy comeback this season, adorned with signature floral art by Netherlands-based illustrator and sneakerhead, Caroll Lyn a.k.a. Careaux. The collection is inspired by the designer’s life journey. Featured throughout the collection is her hallmark floral pattern, “Dedication Flower,” that symbolizes beauty and strength. The sneaker’s upper is finished in classic suede material atop a speckled-finish midsole. Comes in Rose and Black colorways2016_10_13_Wish_Quick_017__Blog 2016_10_13_Wish_Quick_027__Blog 2016_10_13_Wish_Quick_038__Blog 2016_10_13_Wish_Quick_039__Blog