Coming Soon: Sneakers76 X adidas Consortium EQT Running Guidance ‘Bridge of Two Seas’

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– A tale of two seas and one city –

– An aquatic EQT drenched in history –

– Footwear from the heel of southern Italy –

 Taranto, September 2016

The City of Taranto was built by the Spartans on the coast of Southern Italy. Together, adidas Consortium and Taranto-natives Sneakers76 present a stunning EQT Running Guidance 93 in a colorway inspired by the sea surrounding the city. Greek myth has it that Taras, son of Poseidon, was shipwrecked off the coast before being rescued by a dolphin, and went on to first found the city.

The aquatic green on the perforated toe represents Taranto’s natural harbor – known to locals as the Small Sea, while the EQTs mid-foot section represents the swing bridge, Ponte Girevole, which crosses the edge of the harbor. The grey is a similar tone to the modern bridge while the golden brown is a nod to the wooden structure which formerly stood in its place. This theme of new and old is continued on the heel where the adidas Equipment logo is stitched in silver on the left shoe and gold on the right. The seafoam green on the rear of the shoe represents the Big Sea – the open ocean which Taranto overlooks.

 Sneakers76 are history obsessives. The retailer takes a classic runner from the adidas archive and reworks it to honor its own, south Italian, heritage. This EQT Running Guidance 93 comes packaged in a box styled on a volume of a bound encyclopedia.

 Since its relaunch, the EQT Running Guidance has enjoyed a series of makeovers, contemporized with Primeknit and other modern manufacturing techniques. This time it gets upholstered in luxurious soft suede. The sea-theme ensures this sneaker looks fresh as ever.

Be on the look out for this shoe dropping at our Moreland Ave loaction on Saturday September 24th.


10 Deep Fall New Arrivals

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2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk17862__Blog10. Deep takes the desert route for this year’s fall collection, dubbed “Outlands.” Filled with desert-inspired motifs, the brand’s latest offering consists of a strong earth-toned palette along with heavily washed and repaired garments and Navajo patterns. You’ll also find graphics that reflect and dig into the curiosity of human nature, psychedelics, the spirit world, and much more. 2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk17886__Blog 2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk17936__Blog

Coming Soon: Air Jordan Future Boot EP

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2016_09_19_Wish_Brandon0803_Blog The Jordan Future lifestyle silhouette gets completely re-imagined to take on the winter weather ahead with the all-new Future Boot. Barely resembling the original Air Jordan 11-inspired Future model at all other than the mesh upper, the Future Boot goes extra high to protect your feet from inclement weather with a rugged sole to keep you from slipping. Be on the look out September 22nd for these boots dropping at our Moreland Ave location.2016_09_19_Wish_Brandon0855_Blog 2016_09_19_Wish_Brandon0857_Blog2016_09_19_Wish_Brandon0831_Blog

Introducing Veja

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Veja’s innovative approach to business has incorporated social and environmental good into every aspect of its production and distribution. The  trainers are named after the Brazilian NGO that supports the organic cotton farming families that Veja works with in North Brazil. The sneakers are made with organic cotton, wild rubber sustainably harvested from the Amazon, and low-chrome leather. Partnering with farmers, Amazonian families, factory workers and marginalized groups, Veja supports communities in South America and France while creating clean designs and comfortable sneakers that prove thoughtful production is possible




Coming Soon: Air Jordan 5 GG ‘Raptors’

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2016_09_15_Wish_Morri0662_BlogEven though the colorway released about three years before the team existed, the original Air Joran 5 in its iconic black, purple, and red version has gotten stuck with the nickname “Raptors” in the years since thanks to its matching look to the original Toronto Raptors team colors. Historically inaccurate, but the “Raptors” name seems to be here for good on the classic Air Jordan 5. Watch out for this shoe dropping September 17th at our Moreland Ave location.2016_09_15_Wish_Morri0684_Blog2016_09_15_Wish_Morri0651_Blog

Now Available: Twenty Tees

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2016_09_09_Wish_Brandon17763__Blog twenty is redefining and innovating. Through the use of exclusive luxury knits with a deliciously soft texture, a timeless versatility, and an edgy sophistication in beautiful silhouettes twenty creates basics that are anything but basic. The perfect combination of texture and design give each piece its own unique sensual character. From delicate tank tops to chic dresses, twenty transcends trends. Fashion forward and refined, the neutral palette of knits is designed with every sensuous detail in mind from cut and fit to fabrication for lightweight comfort and style. Meant for the modern girl with global adventures, the garments travel and transition from steamy summer days to cozy winter nights with incredible ease. Since twenty’s launch in 2009, each collection is crafted with a fine hand and inspired by the very women who enjoy and understand the distinctive feel of a twenty piece.2016_09_09_Wish_Brandon17787__Blog 2016_09_09_Wish_Brandon17809__Blog

Coming Soon: Staple x Puma ‘Pigeon’ Pack

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2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk18172__Blog 1PUMA and Staple have partnered up once again snagging iconic sneaker silhouettes, the PUMA Suede and Blaze of Glory, and turning them into exciting all-new iterations.This collaboration brings you fresh takes on not one, but two styles. The result is a pure street worthy capsule range and a true fusion of what the two brands stand for.2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk18196__Blog2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk18225__Blog2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk18165__Blog2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk18229__Blog2016_09_12_Wish_Fisk18133__Blog

Now Available: Stussy Women’s Fall 2016 Collection

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2016_09_01_Wish_Emme16238__BlogStussy Women’s comes out strong this Fall with a collection showcasing a 90’s grunge/skate aesthetic. There are pieces every kind of girl from varsity jackets to t-shirt dresses and bags and hoodies. With colors and strong silhouettes perfect for the upcoming season you can’t go wrong with any of these staple pieces. As the weather starts to cool Stussy could not have picked a better transition into the season. Stop by our online store or our Moreland Ave location to check out the collection.2016_09_01_Wish_Emme16385__Blog 2016_09_01_Wish_Emme16360__Blog2016_09_01_Wish_Emme16410__Blog2016_09_01_Wish_Emme16330__Blog2016_09_01_Wish_Emme16351__Blog

Now Available: N.D.G. Studios ‘Combat Run’ and ‘Native Run’

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2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0772__Blog N.D.G. Studios always shows up with quality, inspired by the original U.S. Army boot the ‘Combat Run’ comes in two colorways; Black and Sand. Both colorways consist of handmade leather suede uppers and cream outsoles. The ‘Native Run’ only sporting the sand colorway this time stems from the design of the original Native American moccasins. On top of also having an upper of handmade leather suede the Native Run differentiates itself from the Combat Run not only in size but with its added hand stitched details. All handmade in Portugal with Italian made soles. Find these online and in-store at our Moreland Ave location now.2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0811__Blog 2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0818__Blog2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0781__Blog

Now Available: Mr. Completely Fall 2016

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2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0931__BlogAVANT-GARDE clothing label MR COMPLETELY has release their fall 2016 collection. Focusing on cut and sew pieces with a medern aesthetic, subtle details serve as key elements that  MR COMPLETELY has made their hallmark. The range includes bombers, cotton flannels, hoodies, and premium denim. Check this product out now online or in-store at our Moreland Ave Location.2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0768__Blog2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0701__Blog2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0864__Blog 2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0825__Blog2016_09_07_Wish_Mitchell0961__Blog