Jordan Holiday Release Rules

Posted by Michael Kusumadjaja on December 19, 2012 in Events Product

1. Wish will be opening and releasing the shoes at our regular opening time of 12 P.M.  

Noon for both releases.

2. NO CAMPING!!! During Wish store hours of operation.

3. First come, first serve basis. No ticket system.

4. No reserves or Pre-Pay System

5.No phone orders will be done  until after 5 P.M. on both release dates.

6. Each Customer is only allowed 1 pair.



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Wish ATL would like to thank all of our Customers that live in Atlanta and abroad, with your loyal voting we were able to bring home the gold! We would like to personally thank each and every one of you for supporting our vision taking out the time to vote!

Wish x Hundreds Pre-Release Party at El Bar

Posted by Michael Kusumadjaja on December 13, 2012 in Events Lifestyle

Last night, the city came out to El Bar in support of our newest collaboration: The Wish x Hundreds Hoya. This celebration, fueled by free PBR and sounds from local Atlanta DJs, comes at the end of the epic battle between us and Major DC to see who’s Hundreds Hoya would take home the trophy. So check out some of the images from the event below, or click here for the full album.

Frank Cooke on the Wish x Hundreds Collab Hoya

Posted by Michael Kusumadjaja on December 3, 2012 in Events General Product

As you probably have seen, The Hundreds “Versus” pack competition between us and Major DC is well underway. So we took a second to sit down with our own Frank Cooke to get a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Wish x Hundreds Hoya.

So what was the inspiration behind the shoe?

“We started off wanting to do the Johnson Low sillhouette and wanted to use cheetah print. But after reviewing and seeing that The Hundreds had a new sillhoutte called the Hoya, we thought it would be a challenge to do something new and refreshing, we thought that cheetah wouldn’t translate to that type of shoe. [Wish’s] owner Lauren Amos thought it would be interesting to use print that is rarely used and initially we wanted to use pony hair material. So we came to the decision to take on peacock.

We curated different designs using the peacock pattern mainly on the outside upper of the shoe. But in final renderings we figured using the peacock pattern in the toe box and tongue area would let the pattern speak for itself, toning it down with darker colors.

How long did the whole creation process take?

“We initially started the process in September 2011, as previously stated on a different shoe. We ended up going through about eight months of revisions until we nailed down the final design.”

Do you think people will like the shoe?

“I hope so, I know we love it. Lauren and I just wanted to do something a little different and not really do a print that was safe. Because I think something that is unique that you don’t see in the market often is peacock print.”

What do you think about the competition with Major DC?

“First off, let me say that Dukki is one of my good mentors in this industry. He’s been doing it for years and is definitely one of the top tier store owners and gurus of branding. I mean, just look at his adidas and New Era collabs. Just brilliant. So when we got the chance to go up against the legend, I was all for it.”

So do you think Wish will come out on top?


Now that you’ve got the background behind it, feel free to click here and vote for our Wish x Hundreds shoe!

Vote Wish ATL x Hundreds!

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In an effort to continue to bring new and innovative collaborations to our consumer, Wish has teamed up with one of the most prominent west coast street wear brands in the industry, The Hundreds, on a new and exciting silhouette named the Hoya. With a vibrant Peacock pattern on the toe box and Upper, Wish has brought yet another ground breaking design element to the shoe. In friendly competition, the collaboration is part of “V.S.” series with D.C.’s top tier retailer, Major. Major has had their chance to curate their own version of the Hoya and you will be able to view and vote on which shoe has the most appeal via www.facebook/thehundreds and . Voting begins on November 28,2012 and the winner will be announced by The Hundreds on December,14 2012… Now go to the polls and GO VOTE WISH ATL!

Check out more images of our shoe below:

Ewing 33 Hi Release 11.28.12

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Due to extreme power outages and delays caused by Hurricane Sandy, the Ewing 33 Hi “Black Leather” and “Blue Suede” have been pushed back from November 10 to Wednesday, November 28. So get ready for these releases at Wish this Wenesday.

Ewing 33 Hi “Blue Suede”- Releasing 11.28.12

$110 Retail.

Ewing 33 Hi “Black Leather”– Releasing 11.28.12

$110 Retail.

En Noir Now Available at Wish!

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En Noir grew its roots at a Parisian factory notorious for cranking out the collections of seasoned fashion world veterans such as Balmain and Chanel, as well as newer names to the game, including Kanye West’s women’s line. For Garcia, the direction of En Noir was always about the utility of the clothing. Many of the brands in his closet rule the fashion runways, but are difficult to pull off on the street. Garcia hoped to take advantage of his Parisian connect, focusing on the fit, silhouette and the quality of the garment, while designing a more practical luxury item that could be worn without any consideration of season. The result of his labor was “Monochromatic Minimalism,” En Noir’s first collection.

Click here to check out our collection of En Noire or click the images below to check out the pieces:

Photography by Mae Elizabeth Gurene | Editing by Gavin Guidry. Modeled by Juan

Wish 1993 Tee Available Now!

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Getting these 9’s when they drop? Paying homage to the Original year that the Olive 9 released… Wish has created the “1993” tee for one of the most highly anticipated colorway this year. Hurry and get yours while supplies last for $30 available now here. And of course don’t miss the Air Jordan VII “Olives” release tomorrow, November 17th. Phone orders will be welcome on this sneaker after 5:00PM EST on the day of the release by calling 404.880.0402 ext #2. They’ll be gone fast, so come get them early!


11.10.12 Releases at Wish

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We’ve got some dope releases dropping at Wish this Saturday that you don’t want to miss out on. Which one is best? Check out the images below for a closer look.

Lebron X “Cutting Jade” 11.10.12

$180 Retail.

Nike Zoom Rookie Varsity Red 11.10.12

$200 Retail.

Air Jordan 9 Retro “Calvin Bailey” 11.10.12

$160 Retail.